How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 171.


I nearly ended up on Big Brother in the spring of 2006.

After two and a half years as the Program Director & Breakfast Show host at 2CRFM on England’s South Coast, I handed in my notice because I’d been offered a new gig hosting the Breakfast Show at TFM Radio in Teesside in the North East.

While I was working my three month notice period, Channel 4 announced a new wild card element to the next series of Big Brother. 100 Golden tickets were hidden in Kit Kat bars. If you got one, you were in with a chance of being a Big Brother housemate.

One morning we took a call live on the air from a lady called Janet who worked at a local car dealers. She’d just opened a Kit Kat with a golden ticket inside. I ended up buying it from her for £150.

My idea was to try and get my co-host, Richie Firth into the Big Brother House. He was having none of it. Then I started thinking about it. Launching a new Breakfast Show as an ex-Big Brother housemate would be great for ratings because of all of the publicity it would generate for me on Teesside!

I decided to go for it and became one of the 34 golden ticket winners chosen to go into the house. I made a brief appearance live on Channel 4 as number 28.

Scroll in 30 minutes and 20 seconds and you’ll see me.

I didn’t win the lottery to go into the house but it gave me something to talk about on the air.

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