In Hot Water But I’m Innocent!


It’s easy for people to get the wrong idea.

I drink a lot of coffee while I’m on the radio. I drink it black with no sugar and I’m happy with instant, I’ve got a jar of it stashed in the studio. I spoon it into a mug and run out to the kitchen now and again to fill the mug with hot water from the kettle.

At the weekend I had a genius idea. I decided to get a thermos flask. That way, I can fill it up with a litre of boiling water before I go on the air. I’ll have hot water in the studio and won’t have to keep nipping out.

Julie found me a really cool silver flask, so I took it into work on Monday. That’s when I discovered that the kettle in the BOB fm kitchen had burned out. Over the weekend, someone must had switched it on without it having enough water in it.

I had to improvise, I grabbed five mugs, filled them with water and put them in the microwave for ten minutes, then poured that water into the flask.

When I finished my show at 9am, I came out of the studio carrying the flask. I could feel a bad vibe in the office. I asked what the problem was and was told that the kettle was broken, so no one could have any coffee. I said, “Hey, I’ve been drinking hot coffee all morning!”

They looked at the thermos I was holding. I could tell they all thought that I’d brought my own hot water in from home. And the only way I would know I had to do that would be if I was the one who broke the kettle.

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