An In-Convenience Truth


How would you like it if while you were having a relaxing moment, someone started using an angle grinder, just a few yards away from you? How about a pneumatic drill or a chainsaw?

That’s what happens in public toilets. It’s since hot air hand driers became supercharged. Some of them are louder than any power tool and more annoying than a bagpipe powered leaf blower.

Since hot air hand driers were replaced with jet engines, people actually think you can dry your hands on them. You can’t, even the ones fitted with Rolls Royce Olympus engines from old Concordes just warm your wet hands a bit before you dry your hands on your trousers.

The gents toilet is the worst place to be violently assaulted by decibels. Not only is the problem made worse because the place is so echoey, if you’re at the urinal, you can’t put both hands over your ears.

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