The Day The Music Died


The original manuscript for Don McLean’s American Pie fetched $1.2 million at auction this week. Unfortunately, some radio stations treat the song as if it has no value at all.

I’m talking about the radio stations that play the edited version. Actually “Edited” doesn’t begin to describe it, the radio “edit” I’m talking about has more than half of the song missing. The original song is over eight and a half minutes long but the radio edit lasts for just over four minutes. It isn’t even cleverly done, it just fades out before the song is halfway in.

How does this happen? Why does a worldwide hit, a tune that was named “Song of the Century” by the Recording Industry Association of America get massacred by radio stations around the world?

It’s all because you can’t measure ‘awesome’.

In show business your goal is to be ‘awesome’ but ‘awesome’ can’t be measured, so people who don’t understand this start measuring other things instead. Now there are things you can measure which are VERY important, things like sales figures and ratings but some radio stations love to measure things that aren’t important at all like the number of songs played per hour.

When the number of songs played per hour is the be all and end all, American Pie gets cut so they can squeeze one more song into that hour.

There is no correlation whatsoever between the number of songs played per hour and sales figures or ratings. In fact some radio stations do very well in sales and ratings by playing few or no songs at all. They’re successful because they are ‘awesome’.

The thing is, when you cut American Pie you really piss off the people who LOVE it and they will never forgive you. The only people who think American Pie is too long are people who don’t like the song anyway. Those people will have already changed the station way before you get to the the four minute mark.

Why are radio stations letting people who don’t like the music they play, call the shots?

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