How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 160.


Sometimes I feel like I’m flypaper for freaks.

I got taken in by a con artist when I worked at 2CR FM on the South Coast in 2005. He wasn’t exactly a criminal mastermind, in fact I can’t work out how he thought he’d get away with it.

I used to play in rock ‘n’ roll bands when I lived in New Zealand, it was something I wanted to get back into. I fancied putting a Blues Band together.

Every Friday on the Breakfast Show on 2CR, we used to have a live studio audience. We booked an act each week to entertain them. One week, we had a percussionist. I got talking to him about forming a band and he said he knew some musicians and before I knew it, The Graham Mack Blues Band was born.

The percussionist was also a drum teacher. One of our producers was keen on learning the drums so he brought in a brand new drum kit for her, set it up in the back studio and she’d practice and take weekly lessons from him in there.

At 2CR, I was also the Program Director of the radio station, quite a responsible position. One day, my office manager queried an invoice that had come in from a local music shop. It was for a new drum kit. I called the shop and the manager there explained how 2CR’s “Music Director” had been in months earlier, collected the drum kit and told them to bill us for it. I asked for the “Music Director’s” name and he gave me the name of the percussionist who was now the drummer in my band.

I told the shop manager that this bloke was not the “Music Director” at 2CR, didn’t represent the radio station and wasn’t even on our payroll. Then he told me how a national drumming magazine had just done a big article on him and he was named as “2CR FM Music Director”. I tracked down the magazine and there it was in glossy black and white, complete with a colour photograph.

The next phone call I made was to the drummer. I told him that he can’t buy things on behalf of the radio station, that would be a sackable offence if he actually worked for us. As I couldn’t sack him for that, I sacked him from The Graham Mack Blues Band.

It was a good band though, you can hear what we sounded like here;

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