Cone And The Barbarian


I thought I’d solved my parking problem.

There aren’t many cars in the car park at our block of flats during the day. It doesn’t fill up till after six in the evening when most people get home from work.

Anyone working at the flats in the daytime; cleaners, tradesmen, gardeners etc. have a choice of allocated parking spaces to steal. As long as they’re done by the end of the working day, no one is any the wiser and there’s no harm done. The thing is, often as not, they steal MY space and as I work an early shift, I get home in the afternoon. It means I’m forced to track them down and get them to move their vehicle before I can park and properly come home.

On my way to work the other day I spotted some roadworks with traffic cones. One of the cones was stacked on top of another, meaning that it wouldn’t really be missed. It was before 5am, no one was around so I pulled over, lifted the cone and drove off with it.

The next day when I left for work, I placed the traffic cone in my parking space. It worked a treat. When I got home, the cone had saved my space for me. All I had to do was move it into the bushes in front of my space and park up. The next morning, after I backed out, I just put the cone back in my allocated space.

Then this morning, I went to get the cone from the bushes, and it had gone! I couldn’t believe it!

What kind of person goes around stealing traffic cones?

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