Traffic Scam


I’ve just found out that I’ve been caught by a speed scam-era!

And make no mistake, they are a scam. Why else would thousands of law abiding citizens be fined hundreds of pounds every week? Sometimes they call them “safety cameras”, that’s the biggest lie of all.

I was doing 36 mph on a straight dual carriageway in broad daylight, nowhere near a school, shops, other cars or pedestrians but because the limit is 30, I broke the law, have to pay a £100 fine and get three points on my licence.

How many people have been killed on that bit of road by people doing 36mph instead of 30? And why does it drop from 40 to 30 for that bit and then back up to 40, if it’s not designed to catch unsuspecting drivers?

Fixed speed cameras are signposted and painted yellow, why wasn’t the little van they were hiding in painted canary yellow?

Everybody speeds, if you want to stop people speeding, make it so cars detect the limit and won’t let you go any faster. The sat nav on my phone knows the limit and how fast I am going, so the technology is there. Clearly, it’s all about collecting the money!

If they’re not making enough, why not just put road tax up? We all speed, why should we have to play this stupid inverted lottery, a version of the old shell game where you have to guess where they’ve hidden the camera today? If they put road tax up, it wouldn’t cost that much more because of all the money they’ll save by not having to catch and fine otherwise innocent people.

They’re not even honouring their end of the deal, which is this. – We pay for roads through taxation, fuel duty & VAT and in return the state provides us with well maintained roads.  But they don’t, do they? What about all of the pot holes and tailbacks caused by roadworks or when the roads just aren’t wide enough (because half of the road has been stolen to make an empty bus lane) and you can’t even do the speed limit? If they’re going to charge us extra for when they catch us breaking the speed limit, we should get a refund every time we can’t get anywhere near the limit!

Here’s how their scam works; You’re more likely to speed if you’re late and what makes you late? Getting stuck in traffic! And what causes all of the traffic? Pot holes, roadworks and bus lanes!

Craic on!

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