What was the score in 74?


Something weird is going on.

Julie works in a gift shop in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and this week she noticed at least a hundred people bought items to celebrate a 40th birthday. Some gifts were targeted at men, some at women and were for people of varying interests so she’s pretty sure that more than a hundred people weren’t going to the same person’s 40th. That leads you to the conclusion that there was a baby boom in Hitchin in March 1975.

If your 40th birthday is in March 2015, that means you were conceived in June 1974. What happened in Hitchin on one night in June 1974 that put so many couples in the mood? Was a particularly romantic movie on at the pictures? Did the skyrocketing price of petrol make people just park up? Or was there a power cut and the combination of candlelight and no telly give them a good reason for an early night?

If you know, or you were there, let me know.

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