Don’t Make Me Cross!


Stop waving pedestrians across the road when you’re stopped at an intersection. It’s not a very nice thing to do.

You’re making out that you’re helping but really you’re just lording it over them. You’re treating them as a peasant that may cross in front of your carriage. You might as well just lean out of the window and shout, “You may proceed, pleb!”

Don’t believe me? How does it feel when a pedestrian turns the tables and waves YOU on? It makes you angry, doesn’t it? It’s because the pedestrian has inverted the paradigm, turning THEM into the lord of the manor and YOU into the serf.

The other reason you shouldn’t do it is because if you succeed in making them feel subservient to you, they might just do what you tell them to and step out into the road. You didn’t check if someone was overtaking you or what was happening in other lanes or around the corner. You could be instructing them to walk straight into oncoming traffic.

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