How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 154.


Never let listeners go on the air live.

In 2003, I presented the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM in the East Midlands of England. A truck driver called Ray used to call up a lot. One morning he said he was about to go past our studios in Nottingham and asked if he could come in and have a look at how things worked.

We’d spoken to Ray on the phone many times, recorded his calls and played them on the air. He wasn’t exactly a rocket scientist but was always good fun and had never said anything controversial, so we decided to bring him into the on-air conversation we were having in the studio that morning. To this day I think Ray honestly thought what he said on the radio that morning during the school run, was perfectly acceptable.

I can’t remember why but we were talking about mobile phones and unusual places you keep them. Live on the air, to a potential audience of over two million people, Ray, with a straight face that showed no hint that what he was about to say was inappropriate, said, “I know a lady who put a mobile phone in her vagina”.

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