Don’t get badgered into going the wrong way.


I was taught a lesson this morning by a badger.

I was driving to work just before 5am when the badger ran out into the middle of the road. I hit the brakes and slowed down to about five miles per hour. Instead of carrying on across the road, the badger turned and started to run away from me.

He was now running along the road, lit by my headlights. I was crawling along behind him at parade speed, he was running at full pelt. He was actually trying to out-run me.

After about half a mile, I could tell he was exhausted. Eventually he stopped, turned and looked right at me as if to say, is this it? Are you going to kill me now? Then as he went to turn back and try to start running again, he noticed the lush green vegetation on the side of the road, his natural habitat. He sprinted to the grass verge and through a hedge to safety.

The lesson is; if you find yourself on the wrong road, trying to outrun that thing that’s bearing down on you, take a moment. Could it be that to get back where you belong, all you have to do is run in a different direction?

You can’t keep running forever. If you don’t change direction, that thing you’re running away from, will catch up and flatten you.

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