How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 152.


I like playing long shots.

In 2003 I presented the breakfast show on 106 Century FM, the regional station for the East Midlands of England. One morning there was a news story about a sushi restaurant in Manchester that served their food off naked models. I’m not talking about mannequins here, they were actual naked girls covered with bits of raw fish. They laid on their backs in front of customers who picked the food off them with chop sticks.

I said on the air, who would do that? I bet we can’t get someone listening to come into the studio, strip off and have someone eat sushi off them. It didn’t take long before we got a call from a lady who said her husband LOVED sushi and she’d be happy to come in, get naked and have him go for it.

Now, usually when a radio listener is keen to get naked for a stunt, they’re, shall we say, “jolly” or “big boned”, you know, they have a “great personality”. Not this lady, we couldn’t believe it when she came in, she was stunning!

My co-host and I were totally unprepared, his hand was shaking as he placed each piece of supermarket sushi on different bits of her. We were trying to act cool but I’m sure we sounded like Bevis and Butthead. What do you say when a naked woman is stretched out in front of you and her grinning husband is eating raw fish off her and making “num num” noises?

When I pitched on the air for someone to come in and have sushi eaten off their naked body, I thought the best we could hope for was an overweight plumber who’s mates had put him up to it on a dare. I never expected what we got.

That’s the best thing about long shots, they don’t come in very often but when they do, for a tiny stake the payoff is very big indeed.

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