How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 151.


Breakfast radio always sounds best when you add a degree of unpredictability.

In a previous Craic, I mentioned that in 2003, while I was at 106 Century FM in the East Midlands, we tried to get a horse into the on air studio. At that same station, we created chaos one morning when we had live chickens in the studio with us.

It all started when the Breakfast Show got a new sponsor, Kellogs Cornflakes. In an attempt to give the client a little bit extra, we discussed on the air why there was a picture of a chicken on the cornflakes box. We ended up speculating that maybe chickens like to eat cornflakes. Then things got silly and I don’t know how we ended up there but we started asking the question, would a chicken eat cornflakes out of a builder’s bum crack?

As the Breakfast Show on Century was based on a true story, we decided to find out, live on the show. We pitched for a chicken and a builder and ended up finding both without any problem at all. The following morning, a listener arrived with two bantam hens and just after 8am, an overweight builder dropped his trousers and lay flat out in front of us across the broadcast console.

That’s when the already bizarre situation turned chaotic. A builder’s bum crack full of corn flakes wasn’t enough to tempt the first chicken so it was put back into it’s basket. The second chicken had a go and started to show some interest. As it did, the first chicken escaped and started running around the studio and squawking. Shirl, who presented traffic and travel was so freaked out that she jumped onto the desk with the semi-naked builder and was screaming at the top of her voice. That spooked the other chicken, it turned feral and all hell broke lose. At one point, one of the chickens disappeared, it found it’s way into a wiring duct. Shirl was now hysterical, standing on top of the desk, waving her arms about and making more noise than both of the chicken put together. The station engineer arrived and started dismantling the studio trying to find the missing chicken. He was being given instructions that were shouted to him by a half-naked builder with a bum crack full of corn flakes because the builder thought he saw where the chicken went.

We never did prove our theory but we did prove that if you want to create unpredictability on a Breakfast Show, you can’t go wrong with a bare arse and live animals.

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