How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 150.


I always feel sorry for radio station bosses. They have to be Captain Sensible when things get out of hand. Often they arrive at work at precisely the time when the most hard to explain things are happening on the Breakfast Show.

In 2003, I was the Breakfast Presenter at 106 Century FM in the East Midlands of England. Guests in the studio had included two live chickens and a totally naked woman (more on that in another Craic).

My boss had spoken to me about how out of control the show was becoming and I’d promised him that we’d behave.

The next morning, (I forget why) a listener showed up on her horse. We had a lot of fun with the horse in the radio station car park and even got our newsreader to present a news bulletin on horseback. It suddenly occurred to us that it would be brilliant if we could get the horse into the studio.

The on-air studio at Century was on the ground floor, right next to a fire exit at the end of a corridor. A plan was quickly hatched to bring the horse in through the fire exit. Unfortunately, the horse couldn’t make the hard left turn into the studio, so we had to make do with having the horse in the corridor. It’s amazing how big a horse is when you get one inside a radio station. And it was all the way in, we even closed the fire exit door behind it.

The reason for my boss’s keenness for us to behave became apparent not long after we got the horse in the building. The boss arrived with the new regional boss for all of the Century stations. This regional boss had picked today of all days to pay us a visit for the first time.

My boss arrived with the new regional boss, walked in through the front door and led him down the corridor to show him the studios. Then came face to face with a full sized horse.

Craic on!

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