How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 148.


Even the best on-air promotions can be made better with a small tweak. With Valentines Day coming up soon, I’m reminded of the best Valentine’s Day promotion I’ve ever been involved in. If I ever get the chance to do it again though, I’ll do it slightly differently.

The promotion was called “Valentines in Vegas”. In 2003 I was the host of The Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM, the regional station for the England’s East Midlands. For Valentines Day, we gave away a wedding in Las Vegas.

Lots of local unmarried couples entered and we narrowed them down over a period of a few weeks until we were left with a final two couples.

The Grand Final was a Mr and Mrs type contest on a Friday. We had the two couples in the studio, live on the Breakfast Show. The winning couple were going to get straight into one of our waiting limos and be driven to Heathrow Airport and join us for a week of broadcasts from the Las Vegas strip, which would includ their wedding on Valentines Day.

No matter how much planning you do for this kind of thing, the real Mccoy is always full of surprises. You think you’ve thought of everything when it’s all laid out on paper but the real thing has something that’s hard to plan for, emotion.

Things were going really well till just after we announced the winners and we shared in their excitement. The losing couple were devastated! Everyone involved really felt for them. It was a close run thing and ultimately came down to the last question. A few minutes after the couple thought they could be on their way to Las Vegas to get married, they found themselves in tears waving us all goodbye from outside a radio station on an industrial estate in Nottingham.

What we should have done at that moment was deliver the ultimate twist and surprise everyone by announcing that BOTH couples were coming with us and would be getting married.

Craic on!

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