Sunday Trading Fact


I’m not a Sabbatarian Christian so why do I have to run around and make sure all of my supermarket shopping is done by 4pm on a Sunday?

Supermarket shopping on Sundays in England is made more stressful thanks to the Sunday Trading Act. It should be called the PREVENTION of Trading Act because it’s the law that makes Supermarkets close early on the Christian sabbath.

I know I should be thankful that they’re even open at all because buying and selling on a Sunday was illegal in England up until 1994. It’s all got something to do with the bible saying that the sabbath is a day of rest. The irony is that because the shops shut at 4pm they’re creating an untold amount of stress in supermarkets all over the country between 3pm and 4pm every Sunday as people panic buy against the clock. How has creating an unnecessary shopping frenzy for an hour every week got anything to do with “rest”?

How would they like it if a law was brought in called the ‘Tuesday Praying Act’ that prevented churches from opening after 4pm on Tuesdays?

Anyway, thanks to the Sunday Trading Act, self-service checkouts and people who would rather steal from me than risk hurting the environment, I had a terrible experience in my local supermarket on Sunday. More on that on another Craic.

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