Fairy Tail of Forecourt.


Two of the biggest things that influence women come from their childhood. They are the story of Cinderella and a belief in fairies.

The Cinderella factor explains why they hate housework and have an obsession with shoes. Their belief in fairies is the reason they take so long to drive off after filling up with petrol.

When a bloke gets back into a car after filling up, he drives off within seconds of closing the door. Women can’t do that.

Today I had to wait for a lady in front of me at a busy Tesco petrol station. It must have taken her a full five minutes to get ready to pull off. She rearranged every item in her glove box and adjusted the position of her seat and all of the mirrors before she was ready to go.

No one had been near her locked car while she was in paying. Everything was exactly the way she’d left it. She thought everything had been moved by fairies.

Maybe the fairies were making a lot of noise in her car and that’s why she couldn’t hear me shouting to her when she turned onto the main road and I noticed that her petrol cap was wide open.

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