Ofcon Artists!


The Office of Communications (Ofcom) must be desperate to justify their existence and the cost of their extravagant Thames-side offices and top-heavy salary bill.

A virtually unknown London community radio station called Resonance 104.4 FM has found itself in trouble with Ofcom after broadcasting a programme on the day of the Scottish Referendum encouraging people which way to vote.

Ofcom considered that two broadcasts by Resonance raised issues warranting investigation even though just ONE complaint was received.

The radio station was forced into making a grovelling apology to Ofcom presumably because they were scared that Ofcom might take away their licence.

Let me just put this into perspective for you; Resonance 104.4 FM is a non-profit community radio station specialising in the arts run by the London Musicians’ Collective. The station is staffed by unpaid volunteers and has four permanent staff members. Their programming includes “The Bike Show”, a special program for cyclists, “One Life Left”, a show for video gamers and “Calling All Pensioners”, a weekly program presented by the Deptford Action Group for the Elderly.

Ofcom has a statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers and protect the public from harmful or offensive material. Do the volunteers that make programmes for Resonance 104.4 FM sound like the kind of people Ofcom need to protect us from?

Ofcom are not responsible for regulating internet streams. Even though the offending broadcast took place on the actual day of the referendum, it could only be heard on FM in a THREE MILE RADIUS of their transmitter on top of Guy’s Hospital in Southwark, which is over three hundred and fifty miles away from the nearest place you could actually vote. How big an effect do Ofcom think Resonance 104.4 FM had on the result?

Maybe Ofcom were right to act, there’s a chance they know something we don’t. Maybe we’ve underestimated the influence of Resonance 104.4 FM. The thing is, the “offending” material that was broadcast was in support of a YES vote and it was the NO side that won.

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