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Classical music is a con.

On January 15th, a concert is taking place at London’s Cadogan Hall. It’s billed as, “The London Chamber Orchestra – Mozart and Beethoven”. Be warned, this show is another example of how classical musicians have been ripping off the public for years.

The London Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1921. The current lineup contains no original members! That means that they are in effect, a tribute act.

The billing is clearly misleading. When you go to see a tribute act the name is changed slightly so you know that you’re not paying to see the real thing, but unlike ‘The Rolling Clones’, ‘Bjorn Again’ and ‘Lez Zeppelin’, they haven’t changed the name at all! The honest thing to do would be to call themselves ‘The London Sham Orchestra’, ‘The London Chamber Formula’ or ‘The London Disclaimer Orchestra’.

Also on the bill that night, Mozart and Beethoven. Once again you will have paid to see the real thing but will be getting impersonators. What’s more, the conductors cashing in by pretending to be these two legendary composers will be making no effort whatsoever to look or even dress like the original artists.

In their defence, I’m sure ‘Make-believe Mozart’ and ‘Bootleg Beethoven’ will tell you that they’ll be doing their best to sound like the real thing. There are no actual recordings of Mozart or Beethoven in existence so you’ll never be able to make a direct comparison, how very convenient.

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