How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 139.


Secrets don’t stay secrets for very long in radio.

In 2001, I was presenting the 9 till noon show on BRMB in Birmingham. I still had over a year left to run on a three year deal and was being paid a stupid amount of money. The on-air lineup was changed every quarter and in the two years I’d been there, there had been three Program Directors and two General Managers. I used to joke that on warm days you could stay cool by standing in the breeze from the revolving door.

Although my show was number one in the market, I was getting the feeling that I wasn’t welcome there any more. All of the other airshifts had changed personnel, even Les Ross on Breakfast was working with different people on the air.

They ended up moving me to weekends while they continued to pay me a ridiculous amount of money. About a month before that happened, I read this in the “Loose Ends” section of The Radio Magazine; “Which Midlands radio presenter is being paid hundreds of pounds a day but has no future with the station?”

I’m pretty sure I was that “Loose End”.

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