Fobbed Off!


I broke the law this week and I’m glad I did.

My car key got damaged. The key blade and electronic guts of it were fine, I just needed a new key shell for the fob bit of it.

I called around and the cheapest genuine key shell for my car from the dealer was £50. Then I went online and found a counterfeit key shell for £11. All I had to do was transfer the key blade and electronic bits to the new shell. It was a bit fiddly but it didn’t take that long and now the key and electronics that remotely operate the central locking are all fine. The counterfeit key looks just like the real thing, including a fake manufacturer’s badge.

I wasn’t an unknowing victim thinking I was buying the real thing, I knew it was fake. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay full price for the genuine article. If I had paid £50 for a bit of plastic not much bigger than a two pound coin, I WOULD have been getting ripped off.

The thing is, counterfeiting is illegal. The police even have a dedicated Intellectual Property Crime Unit and there’s a crackdown on counterfeit goods being sold online in the lead up to Christmas.

Why are the police helping to stamp out something that STOPS you from being ripped off?

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