How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 138.


Sometimes you get help from the most unlikely source.

Getting sacked is an occupational hazard in radio. Well, you don’t actually get fired, what happens is your contract isn’t renewed. The result is the same though, so there’s no point in being in denial about it, you’re sacked. Some people see being fired as a badge of honour. I don’t know about that but I have to admit that I’m always very suspicious of anyone in radio who claims they’ve never been sacked.

The reason why radio is such an insecure career is because management, owners, formats and budgets are constantly changing. One day, your face is plastered on the side of a bus, the next, your face doesn’t fit and you’re thrown under the bus.

It’s hard not to take it personally. When you’ve put your heart and soul and almost every waking hour into doing the best job you can and then get told that you’re being let go, you feel like telling them where to shove it. That’s the WRONG thing to do, (especially on the air)! Radio is a very small industry.

In 2001 when I was moved to weekends and told that my contract wasn’t being renewed at BRMB, I was in a bad way. I didn’t handle things well and made a lot of mistakes. That didn’t get me anywhere, so I asked to go for a coffee with the Program Director, Adam Bridge.

Over coffee, he mentioned that there was a gig going at 106 Century FM in the East Midlands. Although their ratings weren’t great, they covered a bigger area than BRMB, so could potentially get a bigger audience, it was the Breakfast Show and the format was “Music, Fun and Football”, it sounded perfect!

BRMB’s owners, Capital Radio had just bought Century, so Adam spoke to Century’s PD, Gareth Roberts on my behalf. A few days later, Adam drove me to Nottingham in his car so I could meet with Gareth and the General Manager there.

So, the bloke who sacked me, helped me to find what turned out to be my next gig, thanks Adam.

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