Contradiction in Terms.


Here’s what commercial radio can learn from Monty Python.

In “The Argument Sketch”, Michael Palin walks into an office and says to John Cleese, “Is this the right room for an argument?”. Cleese replies, “Look, I’ve told you once!” and an argument begins.

The “argument” soon breaks down into an exchange of, “Oh yes I did!”, “Oh no you didn’t!” An exasperated Michael Palin says, “Oh look, this isn’t an argument!” and points out, “It’s just contradiction!”.

Unfortunately, most boy/girl “team” shows on the radio in Britain sound like The Argument Sketch. The bloke says something and the girl contradicts him. He says, “The most amazing thing happened to me on the weekend…” and she says, “It wasn’t THAT amazing!” He makes an interesting observation about an everyday thing and she says, “You need to get a life!”, he tries to return to a running bit and she says, “Here you go again, it’s getting boring now!”

It always seems to be the female half of the duo that will block instead of help. I suppose it has to be that way because if it was the other way around the bloke would sound like a misogynist.

All boy/girl radio “teams” should watch The Argument Sketch and take note when Michael Palin’s character says, “An argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says”.

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