Smoke Signals


I saw something at the hospital today that confused me at bit at first, then when I worked out what was really going on, I became more confused and angry.

It was raining and as I came out of the car park, I noticed that all twelve people standing at the bus stop were smoking. I thought, well I’m glad I’m not getting the bus home. I know it’s technically outside but if I was stood in that bus shelter, I’d be forced to inhale their second hand smoke.

Then I noticed it wasn’t a bus stop at all. It was a special shelter that they’d built for smokers.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why is the hospital pandering to people who are responsible for causing so many health problems? And what’s going on in the minds of smokers? They’ll happily risk heart disease, emphysema and cancer but they draw the line at getting wet!

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