How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 134.


The first thing I had to get used to when I started working on commercial radio in Britain is that Program Directors are called Program Controllers.

Their title, ‘Program Controller’ is abbreviated to “PC”. That’s confusing because PC is also the abbreviation for ‘Politically Correct’, ‘Police Constable’ and Personal Computer. Mind you, I’ve worked for PCs who are a cross between all three of those things.

Being a ‘controller’ means that insulting nicknames are easier to come up with. For example, any Program Controller who is even a couple of pounds overweight is usually known as “The Fat Controller”.

Most of the PCs I’ve worked for have been a bit odd in one way or another. One bloke, sat at home listening to the Breakfast Show with a copy of the playlist and a stopwatch. He was known as “The Mission Controller”. The bloke at BRMB in Birmingham who was hardly ever there because he also programed radio stations in Oxford and Cardiff was known as “The Remote Controller”. And then there was the one who had anger management issues, the “Out of Controller”!

To save confusion, we should just call them the “Control Freaks”.

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