Too Cool For School.


Do the people who run schools have unresolved issues that they’re taking out on the kids?

A thirteen year old boy has been banned from the classroom for having a haircut inspired by his footballing idols Sergio Aguero and Gareth Bale. The teachers at St Ambrose Barlow High School in Salford, viewed Lewis Kenny’s haircut as “too extreme.”

The problem is Lewis’s hair is too short. Here’s how times have changed, when I went to school you would get into trouble if your hair was too long.

Long hair used to be ‘cool’, now short hair is ‘cool’. What the schools are doing is continually changing the rules to catch as many cool kids as they can. By ostracising these kids, they’re denying them the same standard of education that their parents taxes pay for.

Just because THEY went through school with a daggy haircut and couldn’t hang out with the cool kids doesn’t mean they can take their revenge now. I thought schools were supposed to be cracking down on bullying?

We need better teachers, cool ones.

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