How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 132.


“You don’t stay at the same radio station for very long, do you?” is what I was told before I started work here at BOB fm a year ago.

The thing is, I usually last longer than the Program Directors that hire me. That’s true for all but a couple of radio stations and obviously the ones where I was the Program Director. The longest I’ve stayed on the air at the same station is four years. No Program Director I’ve worked for has lasted anywhere near that long.

The PD that hires me has usually been replaced by the time I leave and at TFM, 2GO and BRMB, the PD was replaced twice before I went, so I ended up working for three of them.

Most of them got poached and left to work at bigger stations, usually because they knew how to make the ratings go up and obviously because they knew how to hire great on-air talent!

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