Sick Dream


I had a dream last night that contained a premonition and it came true after I woke up.

In the dream I was driving along a road at night. I made the mistake of accelerating into a sharp right hand bend at the end of the road (you should only accelerate OUT of a bend). As I did that, the car started to make a noise like a cat being sick.

The part of your brain that writes scripts for dreams takes sounds that are going on around you and weaves them into the narrative of the dream, so you don’t wake up. One of our cats, Memphis, was actually throwing up next to the bed. He does this every now and again, losing chunks of his last meal a few times till eventually he coughs up a fur ball.

The dream weaver’s story about driving in the Fur Ball Rally was too far fetched, even for a dream and the logical side of my brain worked this out and woke me up. Julie was already awake and was cleaning up the mess while we listened to Memphis throwing up some more of his dinner somewhere else.

Julie came back to bed and turned the light off. I looked at the clock on my phone and it said I was due to get up in five minutes, so I just went ahead and got up. I knew Julie was trying to get back to sleep so I didn’t turn the light back on or the hall light. As I felt my way along the hallway and made a sharp right hand turn toward the bathroom, I stepped in a warm lump of cat sick.

If only I’d heeded the warning in my dream. It was clearly telling me, “In the dark, be careful where you put your foot down!”

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