An Exercise in Futility


No one likes exercise, especially people who go to the gym. That’s why in gym car parks, all of the cars are parked near the door.

Sometimes I get asked if I belong to a gym. Hey, if I ever went to one, I wouldn’t belong there. Unnecessary exercise breaks my golden rule of “No pain, no pain”.

To stay healthy, you have to get some exercise but gyms are a really inefficient way of doing that. If a couple of times a week, you walked to the gym and back or even rode a push bike, you would never need to go inside.

We once lived in an expensive block of flats in Birmingham. The building was ten floors high and there was a gym in the basement. People who lived on the upper floors wouldn’t go for the great exercise that climbing the stairs twice a day would give them. Instead, they’d come home from work, take the lift to their apartment, get changed into their gym clothes, get back in the lift, go down to the basement gym and spend twenty minutes on the STAIRMASTER.

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