The Best Advertising is Word of Mouth


“You cost money, we MAKE money”. That’s what a radio sales person told me once at a radio station I presented the Breakfast Show on.

That belief sums up what I was talking about in a blog a couple of days ago. Commercial radio is run by sales and marketing people. They’re the ones who get promoted to senior management. A lot of them don’t see the true value in investing in talent.

Nothing is going to change unless we have better leaders. The best definition of leadership is summed up in a quote by Napoleon: “The role of the leader is to define reality and give hope”.

Since I’ve defined the reality, let me give some hope;

When commercial radio concentrates on the content and gets it right for their target audience, massive success follows. Great talent know how to deliver great content.

Every country has massive commercial radio stars who bring in huge ratings and lots of money for the people they work for. Look at ‘Howard Stern’ in the US, ‘Hamish & Andy’ in Australia and ‘Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom’ in New Zealand. Their success is not based on a positioning statement or marketing that tells you how many songs they play in a row. It’s based on the great content they create.

Great talent doesn’t come cheap. They cost money because they MAKE money.

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