How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 129.


When someone offers you a lot of money, they’re trying to solve THEIR problem, not yours.

In Part 128, I told you about the time I was offered a stupid amount of money at BRMB in Birmingham. I’d been there three months, still had fifteen months left on my contract and wasn’t getting on with the boss when he offered me a three year deal. I didn’t want to stay so I asked for a daft amount of money. Unbelievably they agreed to pay it and blinded by the amount of money on the table I changed my mind about leaving and signed up for three years.

At the time, none of it made sense. I later found out what was really going on.

I desperately wanted to leave BRMB after my first day. Every week, I used to fax (hey, this was 1999, OK?) a page of topical lines I’d done on the air to Program Directors at stations I wanted to work for. One of those stations was XFM in London. I’d met the PD there when he was in charge of another station about a year earlier and thought he’d be a good bloke to work for.

XFM had been bought by BRMB’s owners, Capital who moved XFM into their HQ in Leicester Square. One day my BRMB boss was down there as the fax came through. He had to answer embarrassing questions about why his latest signing was looking for work already.

To convince his boss that everything was fine at BRMB and I was happy there, he told them I was going to sign a three year deal. To do that, he had to pay me the money I’d asked for.

I don’t know how close I was to getting the XFM job but the bloke who did get it was the bloke who replaced me on the show I’d developed at 2CR. Maybe he was their second choice, I’ll never know. What I do know is that his career took off and I found myself doing weekends in Birmingham but that’s another story for another Craic.

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