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Radio DJs are really bad at hosting live events. BRMB in Birmingham used to put on a big concert every year called ‘Party in The Park’. Tens of thousands of people would attend. I was one of the hosts in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Artists who performed included Tom Jones, Culture Club, UB40, Madness and […]

Smoke Signals


I saw something at the hospital today that confused me at bit at first, then when I worked out what was really going on, I became more confused and angry. It was raining and as I came out of the car park, I noticed that all twelve people standing at the bus stop were smoking. […]

The first thing I had to get used to when I started working on commercial radio in Britain is that Program Directors are called Program Controllers. Their title, ‘Program Controller’ is abbreviated to “PC”. That’s confusing because PC is also the abbreviation for ‘Politically Correct’, ‘Police Constable’ and Personal Computer. Mind you, I’ve worked for […]

Do the people who run schools have unresolved issues that they’re taking out on the kids? A thirteen year old boy has been banned from the classroom for having a haircut inspired by his footballing idols Sergio Aguero and Gareth Bale. The teachers at St Ambrose Barlow High School in Salford, viewed Lewis Kenny’s haircut […]

In April 2001 I accidentally learned how to get worldwide publicity. It’s simple, you just give the press a new angle on something they’re already writing about. It doesn’t matter if what you do isn’t even real. They’ll be so desperate to write something on the subject, they won’t bother to check if the story […]

Brut Force


When I came home from work today, our flat smelled like the 70s. Specifically, it smelled like Brut 33 aftershave. At first I thought I was having a flashback but after a while I realised the smell was everywhere. I said to Julie, “Why does the flat smell of Brut?” She said that when she’d […]

“You don’t stay at the same radio station for very long, do you?” is what I was told before I started work here at BOB fm a year ago. The thing is, I usually last longer than the Program Directors that hire me. That’s true for all but a couple of radio stations and obviously […]

Sick Dream


I had a dream last night that contained a premonition and it came true after I woke up. In the dream I was driving along a road at night. I made the mistake of accelerating into a sharp right hand bend at the end of the road (you should only accelerate OUT of a bend). […]

A lot of people in radio have got high paying jobs because they know how to suck up. Some of them have made a career out of it. I’ve seen some spectacular examples of crawling over the years. My favourite two are the bloke who was promoted to Assistant Program Director because he used to […]

No one likes exercise, especially people who go to the gym. That’s why in gym car parks, all of the cars are parked near the door. Sometimes I get asked if I belong to a gym. Hey, if I ever went to one, I wouldn’t belong there. Unnecessary exercise breaks my golden rule of “No […]

I found myself on the payroll of a murderer once. For me to be as honest as I can about what happened, I’m not going to tell you which radio station I was working for or even what part of the UK it was in because it still scares me to this day. I like […]

“You cost money, we MAKE money”. That’s what a radio sales person told me once at a radio station I presented the Breakfast Show on. That belief sums up what I was talking about in a blog a couple of days ago. Commercial radio is run by sales and marketing people. They’re the ones who […]

When someone offers you a lot of money, they’re trying to solve THEIR problem, not yours. In Part 128, I told you about the time I was offered a stupid amount of money at BRMB in Birmingham. I’d been there three months, still had fifteen months left on my contract and wasn’t getting on with […]

I got a big reaction a couple of days ago to a blog I posted called, “Radio needs a Steve Jobs”. I pointed out that commercial radio is being run by sales and marketing people and their focus is not on delivering great content. In an interview recorded in 1995, Steve Jobs said that sales […]

In March 1999, I was three months into an eighteen month contract at BRMB in Birmingham. It wasn’t going well. My boss had been ignoring me for the last few weeks. Prior to that, he’d made it very clear that he didn’t like what I did on the air. I’d heard that when he fired […]

What you see, depends on what you’re looking for. Today I watched an interview with Steve Jobs recorded in 1995. What he had to say included some great lessons for radio. Central to the development of the personal computer was the pioneering work being done at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, which Steve first visited […]

My first three months at BRMB went well on the air but badly off the air. My boss and I were not communicating. It was 1999, I was presenting the 9am till noon show. Every morning before my airshift, I finished prepping the show in the open plan office in the old building in Aston. […]

Karzy Kamikaze


The toilet seat went, “BANG!” as it hit the top of the toilet at work today. It was only behaving the way it should when I deliberately let go of it instead of lowering it gently but I wasn’t expecting it to just drop like that. It’s all because we’ve replaced our toilet seat at […]

I nearly ruined the BOB fm Fireworks Show this year. I’ve hosted loads of fireworks events for different radio stations over the years but I don’t usually get to see any fireworks. That’s because after our bit on stage has finished and we’ve done the big countdown, I head off. With a crowd of around […]

Food Poisoning


There are some basic un-written rules of life that just shouldn’t be messed with. The first one is that if a pub does food, it should go without saying that one of the items in the menu will be “fish ’n’ chips”. Pubs and fish ’n’ chips are both British institutions so it makes sense […]