Waste of Space.


“No bucks, no Buck Rogers” is what America’s second man to fly in space, Gus Grissom said to fellow astronaut, Gordon Cooper in the movie The Right Stuff. I don’t know if Gus ever actually said that in real life but the meaning is that without financial support through publicity and engaging with the public no one would fly in space.

NASA doesn’t seem to realise what business they’re in. They’re in SHOW BUSINESS! In the late 60s and early 70s they used to be good at it and put on a hell of a show. We watched Neil and Buzz walk on the moon, Alan Shepard play golf on the moon and Dave Scott, James Irwin, John Young, Charlie Duke, Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt even drove a car on the moon. It was very entertaining and great telly!

Since then, NASA has been rubbish. All they’ve done is send people to do laps of planet earth. First it was the Shuttle, now it’s the International Space Station and it’s not worth watching. How many times are they going to show us a bloke drinking weightless blobs of water?

Spaceflight is incredibly dangerous, lives have been lost but does the public care? Live broadcasts from space used to get big TV ratings but not any more, they can’t even get on TV. The current ratings show that people would rather watch a singing, dancing or cooking competition. No one wants to watch people float around in a metal tube.

But space did make the news this week. Just seconds into its launch on Tuesday evening, the Orbital Sciences Antares rocket, carrying supplies to the International Space Station, blew up in a spectacular fireball. Within minutes, the major news organisations had picked up the story and began running live interviews with eyewitnesses and experts.

NASA has become so boring that people only pay attention when a rocket blows up.

Come on NASA, hire some Hollywood producers, great writers and dreamers! Let’s go back to the moon and then Mars and then “To Infinity and Beyond”!

It’s not rocket science.

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