Apple Have No iDea


Apple have made a big mistake.

I’ve started to minimise my life by reducing the number of things I carry around with me. I’ve done away with my key ring by carrying the only three keys I use in my wallet. I don’t need a memory stick any more because I use my phone as a flash drive and today for the first time since I was 11 years old, I stopped wearing a watch. Now I just check the time on my phone.

Reaching into my pocket to see what time it is reminds me of Grandad Mack who used to have a pocket watch. I did some reasearch and it turns out wristwatches only became popular for men after the First Word War, where they’d been used by soldiers in the trenches, before that they were considered feminine, so my new system makes me truly retro-sexual.

Apple’s latest device is the Apple Watch, which is a wristwatch. It will be Apple’s biggest flop, we don’t need it. Thanks to Apple and their imitators we all have pocket watches now.

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