Smart TV


Sometimes you forget how we used to watch TV.

We don’t watch that much live telly anymore. We usually watch on-demand and catch up services online. We watch more stuff on the computer and iPads than we do on the actual TV set.

Julie’s iPad needed a full factory re-set so was out of action for a while. She likes to watch ‘Neighbours’ on Demand 5 so I said, “I’m pretty sure you can get Demand 5 through that ten quid NOW TV box we’ve got hooked up to the TV. See if you can get it on there”.

She started duelling with the remotes so I went back to the other room to finish off some prep for the next days radio show. When I came out ten minutes later, she was watching Neighbour on the big telly. I said, “Well done, you worked it out then?” And she said, “No, I noticed it was coming up to half five so I’m watching it on Channel 5”.

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