How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 120.


When you interview celebrities on the radio, you get the best out of them if they’re comfortable and you’ve made them feel welcome. I accidentally ruined a celebrity interview once and it was an interview I didn’t have anything to do with.

In 2000, I was the presenter of the 9am to noon show on BRMB in Birmingham. Following me on the air was a presenter who liked to make out that he was best friends with celebrities. One morning, Victoria Beckham was coming to town and this bloke was going to interview her on his show.

I was told to promote heavily on the air that Posh Spice was going to be on BRMB later. I did this by talking up her appearance and added some pretty lame jokes which included; “Posh and Becks wear matching, ‘I’m with stupid’ T-shirts”, “Victoria is so skinny that when she’s on stage, she sometimes disappears behind the mike stand” and “Posh thought she was pregnant but it turned out, she’d just eaten an apple”.

I didn’t know it at the time but while I was on the air, Victoria was being driven from the airport to the city centre. The car radio was tuned to BRMB and she heard every word.

When she did the on-air interview, she had no idea the DJs had changed at noon and thought she was talking to the same obnoxious moron that she’d been listening to in the car.

The interview didn’t go well. Victoria Beckham was one celebrity he couldn’t pretend to be friends with.

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