Food For Thought.


What’s wrong with plates?

When you order food out these days you’re served expensive children’s portions arranged by an interior decorator. Being over-charged and under-fed is one thing but now you don’t even get a plate!

Over the last three months I’ve eaten swordfish off a tin tray, chips off a rock, scampi from a galvanized bucket and ice-cream off a roofing tile. Some Indian restaurants serve their meals in what looks like a cast iron dustbin lid. Where will it end, pizzas on a manhole cover? Dessert on a house brick? Soup in a hat?

The one I can’t stand is when your main meal is served on a plank of wood. If the wood was burned afterwards maybe it would be OK. There’s no way you can get wood as clean as a ceramic plate. Blood, spit and who knows what other fluids or toxic cleaning products are soaked into that wood. If you’re not going to use a plate in favour of a bit of wood, why bother? You might as well just dollop the food straight out onto the table!

I blame whoever started all of this, with chicken in a basket!

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