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Waste of Space.


“No bucks, no Buck Rogers” is what America’s second man to fly in space, Gus Grissom said to fellow astronaut, Gordon Cooper in the movie The Right Stuff. I don’t know if Gus ever actually said that in real life but the meaning is that without financial support through publicity and engaging with the public […]

I love using audio clips out of context. In 1999 I presented the 9 till noon show on BRMB in the West Midlands. One morning the big news was all about the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott. At the annual Labour Party Conference, Mr Prescott had sparked a small outcry when he and his wife […]

Apple have made a big mistake. I’ve started to minimise my life by reducing the number of things I carry around with me. I’ve done away with my key ring by carrying the only three keys I use in my wallet. I don’t need a memory stick any more because I use my phone as […]

You should never have a conversation in a radio station that you wouldn’t want the boss to hear. At one of the stations I’ve worked at, some of the staff used to go into the production studio to bitch about the boss. I suppose they thought that as it was soundproof, no one could hear […]

Smart TV


Sometimes you forget how we used to watch TV. We don’t watch that much live telly anymore. We usually watch on-demand and catch up services online. We watch more stuff on the computer and iPads than we do on the actual TV set. Julie’s iPad needed a full factory re-set so was out of action […]

Today is the day that the latest radio ratings are published. It’s a day when we see plenty of examples of the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy is an informal fallacy which is committed when differences in data are ignored, but similarities are stressed. From this reasoning a false conclusion is inferred. It […]

Time Out.


Why are there twelve months in a year and 24 hours in a day? Surely we could decimalise. It’s always going to take 365.25 days for the earth to go around the sun, why not just divide the year up into ten months? Each decimal month would last 36.525 days. We could do away with […]

In 1999, I declared war on Germany. I was on the air at BRMB Radio in the West Midlands at the time. The Rover plant at Longbridge employed 14,000 people and an estimated 50,000 more worked for companies supplying them. Rover had been bought by BMW but things were not good. Rover was making a […]



Foreign films are being ruined by whoever is in charge of the subtitles. I like subtitled films because they combine two of the things I like doing most, reading and watching movies. The problem is when two characters are on screen together. The subtitles on screen cover both sides of their conversation. That spoils it […]

When you interview celebrities on the radio, you get the best out of them if they’re comfortable and you’ve made them feel welcome. I accidentally ruined a celebrity interview once and it was an interview I didn’t have anything to do with. In 2000, I was the presenter of the 9am to noon show on […]

Time’s Up!


Today I came up with a quick way to get rid of Time Bandits. I was standing under the big clock tower in the square when a bloke walked up to me and asked me for the time. Who has a problem finding out what time it is? Not only was he standing right underneath […]

Sometimes you end up with egg on your face. Birmingham is Britain’s biggest city outside London. The main sorting office for the Royal Mail is the Aston Delivery Office. It’s a purpose-built, quarter of million square foot sorting office. The main hall houses eight integrated mail processors and ten sorting machines which can deal with […]

What’s wrong with plates? When you order food out these days you’re served expensive children’s portions arranged by an interior decorator. Being over-charged and under-fed is one thing but now you don’t even get a plate! Over the last three months I’ve eaten swordfish off a tin tray, chips off a rock, scampi from a […]

Over the years, I’ve hosted hundreds of events for charities and non-profit organizations. I’ve opened fetes, hosted black tie dinners and even spoke at the birthday of a lifeboat station. I’ve never charged a penny for my time, it’s all part of the gig. I’m always amazed though when commercial organisations try to book me […]

Tess Daly.


One of the worst interviews in the history of broadcasting was heard this week. Amy Stevenson and I were supposed to meet Tess Daly in person but she cancelled on us at the last minute because she needed “makeup” (for a radio interview?). We ended up doing the interview by Skype and she kept us […]

One of the biggest ironies in radio is that although we’re in the business of communication at lot of us are really bad at communicating. I worked for a station in the Midlands for a while and had all sorts of problems with the boss. We didn’t see eye-to eye on everything and both of […]

Walking Alone.


The long term survival of a species depends on good genes being handed down through generations. Unfortunately true Liverpool Fans are on the endangered list. For years fledgling supporters were introduced to the club by more experienced fans. They went to their first game with family members or older friends who taught them the songs […]

Every radio station I’ve worked at has had at least one unique feature that I wish they all had. My favorite was at 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia. The last person you want in a commercial radio studio is someone from sales. I presented the Breakfast Show on 5SE between 1994 and 1995. Occasionally, a […]