Phoney Misplaced Confidence


Sometimes present self is too optimistic about future self’s abilities.

Last night I made the mistake of downloading the new OS onto my iPhone, it took AGES! I was already in bed, excitement had got the better of me when I saw the message that said new software was available.

I go to bed really early because I get up at ten to four in the morning to do the Breakfast Show on BOB fm. Now I was awake WAY past my bedtime waiting for it to finish downloading. I use the alarm on the phone to wake me up. I wasn’t sure if I’d still be awake when it finished the download. I knew Apple would want me to do a re-start and jump through various hoops before they would give me my phone back, so I asked to borrow Julie’s Android phone and got her to show me how to set the alarm on it.

Eventually, what seemed like hours later, two restarts and a request for me to set up a four digit security code (it never had one before), and my iPhone was back online so I nodded off.

At 3:50am, the alarm on my iPhone AND the alarm on Julie’s Android phone both went off together. I grabbed her phone first, couldn’t work out how to switch it off and threw it her way. She woke with a start, realised I was panicking and started mumbling, “Just swipe it!”. Meanwhile I was trying to switch off the iPhone. That’s when it asked me for the four digit code I’d put in the night before.

…And I couldn’t remember it!

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