How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 113.


I’m always amazed when I have the misfortune of working for dishonest people. They always get caught in a lie but just keep going, long after they must know I’ve worked them out.

I was once offered a job at a radio station hundreds of miles away from where we were living at the time. The boss sucked me in with a load of promises he ended up not keeping. At the time I had no reason to believe he was dodgy, so quit the job I had and we moved.

The first thing he told me was that because we were moving such a long way, the radio station would pay for us to stay in a hotel for two weeks while we found somewhere to live. He told us which hotel it was and we were chuffed when we found out it was such a posh one. The day we checked in though, the hotel said they had no reservation in our name and they knew nothing about any arrangement with the radio station. I called my new boss and he said something about a misunderstanding and that I should just put it on my credit card and he’d straighten it all out.

Every day I worked there he told me my contract was on it’s way but I never ended up seeing it and never had one for the whole time I worked there.

The show I presented was a daytime shift and he told me he really wanted to increase the day-time listening figures. I went home and did some research about daytime radio listening. I found out that the key was getting people to listen at work. I came up with an at-work listening feature that involved a contest and a chance to win goodies delivered to your workplace. It was called, “The Workplace Shout”. I typed out how it all worked, with figures and graphs showing how increasing workplace listening hours translated into higher ratings, put it all in a folder and handed it to him the next day.

After I’d worked there for three months with no contract and a large credit card bill for fourteen nights in a four star hotel that still hadn’t been re-funded, even though I’d given him all the receipts and asked him about the refund and contract every day, I booked a meeting with the big boss.

The big boss told me that he’d been told that I’d agreed to take the job on a non-contract basis and no promise of hotel accommodation had ever been made.

I actually think the big boss was a decent bloke but had been conned by the dodgy character I’d ended up working for. He said that because they were happy with the work I was doing he’d arrange for a me to get a refund on the hotel (which to be fair he did and I got the money the following month). He then went on to tell me about a brand new feature that my boss had come up with called “The Workplace Shout”.

I swear I heard the Psycho music in my head. It was now very clear that I was working for an extremely dodgy boss and the big boss had no idea!

Three months later I got a better job at a much bigger radio station and quit. I can still remember what that dodgy boss said to me on my last day. He said, “It’s a shame you’re leaving, we had big stuff planned for you!” I thought to myself, if this “Big Stuff” is anything like what you’ve been telling me since I’ve been here, you’ve got the initials right!

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