Texaco Killed The Radio Star.


I don’t normally write my Craic while I’m in the car at the petrol station but a bizarre near death experience has left me waiting here with nothing else to do. 

I was filling up just now when I got the distinct impression that nothing was coming out of the nozzle. After about twenty pounds worth was showing on the display, I looked down and noticed I was standing in a pool of petrol. Instead of being pumped into my tank, this highly flammable liquid was pouring out of the base of the petrol pump and had surrounded me.

I let go of the trigger and shouted and waved at the attendant in the shop. She hit the emergency button and all of the pumps on the packed forecourt stopped.

The attendant walked over, poured a couple of buckets of sand on the ground, coned off my pump and told me to park in one of the diagonally marked parking bays outside the shop. That’s where I am now, waiting for them to check everything out, re-start the pumps and tell me which one I can use to carry on filling up.

I’ve had a lucky escape. With that amount of petrol on the ground, if there’d been a spark, the whole petrol station may have gone up in flames. I could have been killed!

Maybe that did happen! Maybe I did die and I’ve made a quantum leap through some kind of portal into another dimension.

Am I diagonally parked in a parallel universe?

Craic on!

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