How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 108.


“Complaints Department” is what the sign above my boss’s office read in 1998. I was the Breakfast Presenter at 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. My boss was Tom Hardy, he totally understood how radio worked. He put the sign up because I used to get so many complaints and that was a good thing.

Usually when a business gets a lot of complaints it’s a problem. On a radio station that targets listeners aged twenty-five to thirty-four, if the ratings place you number one in that demographic and all of the complaints come from people who are outside that demo, you’re doing something right.

I usually only got complaints when I told the truth (organised religion is dangerous, the royal family are a waste of money and taxi drivers need to take more showers) but one day we got a complaint about something we made up for effect.

We were using a second hand bingo machine to pick numbers for a draw on the air. We noticed that its electric motor was made by a company called “Parvalux”. Every morning we announced that we were firing up the “Mighty Parvalux Bingo Machine”. The Managing Director of Parvalux called Tom and complained that the company was being misrepresented. They had been getting enquires from people who wanted to buy bingo machines. Tom said that the Parvalux MD made it very clear that his company made electric motors, not bingo machines!

From then on we just introduced it as, “The Mighty Bingo Machine POWERED by Parvalux”.

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