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Sometimes present self is too optimistic about future self’s abilities. Last night I made the mistake of downloading the new OS onto my iPhone, it took AGES! I was already in bed, excitement had got the better of me when I saw the message that said new software was available. I go to bed really […]

You don’t find out what a boss is really like until you end up working for them. One of the biggest problems I’ve had with radio station bosses over the years has been how obsessive they can be over things that don’t matter that much. After my first show on a big radio station in […]

Chemical Boros


Going to a football match is a completely different experience to watching it on television. The main difference is when you’re at the match, the commentary is better. Seeing Liverpool play Middlesbrough on the telly this week reminded me of the last time I watched a Liverpool v Middlesbrough game at Anfield. We were on […]

“You’re going to be working for the Mafia now!” That’s what my boss at Century Radio in the North East said to me the day I left to go and work on the air at BRMB in Birmingham in March 1999. BRMB was owned by Capital Radio. What did he mean? Was he comparing Capital […]

Phone Sex


“So, do you still want the sex?” That’s the first thing Julie said to me when we woke up on Sunday morning. In that moment I went through a myriad of emotions including shock, disappointment and confusion. Maybe it was her New Zealand accent, the fact that I wasn’t fully awake or just something Freudian […]

I’m always amazed when I have the misfortune of working for dishonest people. They always get caught in a lie but just keep going, long after they must know I’ve worked them out. I was once offered a job at a radio station hundreds of miles away from where we were living at the time. […]

Card Game


The pressure’s on! It’s Julie’s birthday on Monday. I’ve been out to buy her card. One of the card shops had a deal on, “Buy three, pay for two”. Why would I buy THREE YEARS worth of birthday cards? Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at If you enjoyed this Craic, please […]

In Britain any car over three years old can only legally be driven on the road if it has an up to date M.O.T. certificate. The M.O.T. test is an inspection that’s done to make sure the car is safe. When we had our car shipped from Australia it was only a year old so […]

Drinking Games.


Some parents make life difficult for themselves. I’m sitting here in what WAS a peaceful coffee shop. It was nice and quiet until three sets of parents brought in their little darlings. The kids were noisy and badly behaved to start with, then the parents started buying them soft drinks full of sugar, caffeine and […]

“Stop saying ‘minutes’ when you tell the time on the air!” That was the first thing I was told off for when I started working on the radio in Australia in 1993. My Program Director grabbed me and said, “When you say it’s twenty-one MINUTES past, we KNOW it’s MINUTES! No one thinks it could […]

I’m really surprised that there’s been such a negative reaction to what we’re doing on BOB fm to save Britain. These could be the last days of the United Kingdom. In Scotland, they get to vote to save the union. In England we don’t get to have a say even though we’ll have to put […]

You have to work for someone who believes in you. That’s really the bottom line when you present a daily Breakfast radio show. Without that, you can’t just do the job. You’re paid to talk and as most people can do that, most people think it’s an easy gig. Let’s face it, it is an […]

Postman Flat


Someone in my block of flats suffers from an embarrassing condition. In the lobby of the building, there’s a set of mail boxes, one for every flat. Below them is a windowsill. This morning I found a letter on the windowsill. I checked and it had been addressed properly, typed in fact. It was for […]

John Motson owes me money. In 1998 I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. Friday’s shows were done in front of a live studio audience. Those lucky enough to get tickets were given a cooked breakfast thanks to a local hotel and booze from a local pub. One […]

I don’t normally write my Craic while I’m in the car at the petrol station but a bizarre near death experience has left me waiting here with nothing else to do.  I was filling up just now when I got the distinct impression that nothing was coming out of the nozzle. After about twenty pounds […]

“Complaints Department” is what the sign above my boss’s office read in 1998. I was the Breakfast Presenter at 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. My boss was Tom Hardy, he totally understood how radio worked. He put the sign up because I used to get so many complaints and that was a good thing. Usually […]