How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 107.


Sometimes, situations make things even funnier.

In 1998, I was the Breakfast Show host at 2CRFM in Dorset. One of our advertisers was Condor Ferries. They ran high speed catamarans called JetCats from Poole to the Channel Islands. We were asked to present one of our breakfast shows from Jersey to promote the ferry service. 

I can’t remember why we didn’t take the JetCat there. We were flown to Jersey from Southampton on a Thursday afternoon so we could spend the night there and broadcast the show from a hotel lobby the next morning. When we arrived in Jersey, we were picked up at the airport by Condor Ferries marketing manager. He told us about his new marketing campaign to promote the JetCats. Ferry customers were given bumper stickers that said, “I Love My Cat”. The word ‘love’ on the stickers was represented by a red heart symbol like the famous “I (heart) New York” slogan. He told us they’d only just started giving them out and was looking forward to seeing the first one stuck to someone’s car.   

As we drove from the the airport to the hotel, we spotted one on the back of a builder’s van. Unfortunately someone had been a bit creative. The red heart had been cut out, turned upside down, coloured in with black marker pen and a small stork had been added to the bottom of it.

Scroll down to see what we saw on the bumper sticker right underneath the Condor Ferries logo; 













No one in the car said a word. 

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