Less is NOT More!


Do you want LESS of something you like?

It’s a stupid question but a radio station called ‘90.3 Amp Radio’ in Calgary Canada thought that’s exactly what their listeners wanted. Three weeks ago they switched to a new format called “QuickHitz”. They edited down every song they played to roughly half their original length.

As you can imagine, it was a disaster. Song length wasn’t the only thing they cut in half, their listening figures did the same thing. Last week, they ditched the “QuickHitz” format.

How did this happen? Well, it’s all because of the way commercial radio is set up. If you are a successful on-air broadcaster it’s because you have a basic understanding of what makes people listen to the radio. If you fail as on on-air broadcaster, it’s because you don’t understand this. Here’s where it gets scary; failed broadcasters go into management. That’s right, people who don’t know what makes people listen to the radio end up telling people who DO know, what to do and say on the air.

It gets better, people who fail at management become consultants! In radio, people who don’t know how to manage or broadcast are telling managers and broadcasters what they should be doing!  

If you are in radio management or a consultant and you can’t understand why “QuickHitz” didn’t work, let me help you.        

If your listeners tell you that the songs you’re playing on the radio are too “long”, you’re playing the wrong songs!

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