The Word on the Sheet


I wish we could just ban ‘journalese’. It’s the language newspapers are printed in. 

It’s such a big problem that Robert Hutton, a political correspondent for Bloomberg News, wrote a book about it. It’s called, ‘Romps, Tots and Boffins – The Strange Language of News’. Of course if this was a newspaper article, I would have said that, “Robert Hutton, a disgruntled hackpenned a tome, dubbed, ‘Romps, Tots and Boffins”.

Newspapers are almost extinct but it looks like Journalese will outlive them. Like the cockroach that survived by changing it’s diet from dinosaur poop to mammal poop, journalise is now feeding on radio’s excrement.

Radio is an intimate one-to-one medium but instead of hearing a close companion tell you what’s happening in the language of a friend, people with affected voices are talking down to you and saying that days can see (“Friday sees the start of the great holiday get-away’), countries can talk, (“America says…”) and Celebrities have won “gongs”.

Right now I’m so troubled, I am set to clamour for a quintessentially British, special investigationprompting an eleventh hour, climb-down in which I foresee a humiliating u-turn from these scribesburdened with a shameful secret

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