A Little Less Conversation.


Meetings are not work, they are just talking about work.

I once worked at a radio station where I did the breakfast show for four hours then went into a half hour meeting about the show. That was followed by a half hour meeting about the next day’s show, then there was the daily production meeting which could last for over an hour. Once a week, there was a “forward planning meeting” and regularly I’d have to attend special meetings about up-coming events. Whenever a regional boss visited there’d be a station meeting and best of all, there’d be a meeting to discuss the agenda for an up-coming meeting. Yes, we would actually have a meeting about a meeting!

With at least fifteen people attending every meeting, some of them senior managers on large salaries, I dread to think what the combined hourly cost in wasted pay would be for all of these meetings.

With perpetual meetings going on, it was almost impossible to get hold of anyone. If you finally did track them down, they’d tell you that they’d “…been in meetings all day”. – Hey, you were supposed to be at work!

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