Food For Thought


I’ve met a lot of interesting characters at live radio station events over the years. I think my favourite is the sound engineer who gets there early and removes the main fuse from the generator that’s connected to the hot food stall he most likes the look of.

As the food place is setting up, they notice they don’t have any power and start to panic. That’s when he walks past in his hi-viz jacket. Now, he’s been hired to run the sound equipment at the main stage and is not responsible for anything else but as no one else is around, in desperation he’s asked by someone from the food place, “Hey mate, you don’t happen to know anything about generators do you?”

Our good Samaritan says, “Well, we’re not really supposed to touch that stuff but let me have a quick look at it for you”. He goes round the back, takes the fuse out of his pocket, puts it back where it belongs and says, “Try it now”.

…And never pays for any hot food for the rest of the event.

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