Tune In, Turn On and Freak Out!


Before I go on the radio every day, I meditate. I like to joke that it’s because it’s better than sitting around doing nothing but I really do get a lot out of it. I find that afterwards I can focus on things easier. Doing nothing helps me get more done and little things don’t bug me as much. It sounds cliché but I really do get a feeling of inner peace.

I like to meditate in a quiet, dark room. In a radio station, the best place is one of the studios. They’re soundproof so if you turn the lights and the monitor speakers off, they’re perfect. I learned this week that if you get to work before your new co-host you should tell them that’s what you do and that you’re going to be in there.

I was about ten minutes in, when Amy Stevenson, my new co-host burst in and I let out a very girly scream. For some reason I also put both of my hands up in surrender. She screamed too and I swear her feet left the ground.

So much for inner peace!

Craic on!

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