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For some reason a media that condemns bullying and internet trolls has decided to promote that exact behaviour when it’s dressed up as “The Ice Bucket Challenge”. Don’t get me wrong, being encouraged to donate money to an important charity is a good thing and so is raising awareness. The Ice Bucket Challenge has done […]

Sometimes, situations make things even funnier. In 1998, I was the Breakfast Show host at 2CRFM in Dorset. One of our advertisers was Condor Ferries. They ran high speed catamarans called JetCats from Poole to the Channel Islands. We were asked to present one of our breakfast shows from Jersey to promote the ferry service.  […]

A couple of weeks ago, a missing 14-year-old boy was found living in a Walmart store in Texas. He’d been missing for nearly three days. When you think about it, a 24 hour supermarket would be a great place to live. Everything you work hard to earn money to buy is right there for you […]

Although radio is the theatre of the mind, sometimes it’s important to keep it real. In 1998, I presented the Breakfast show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. Tom Hardy was the Program Director and I’m pretty sure it was his idea to give listeners a second chance with their losing lottery tickets. A cash […]

Do you want LESS of something you like? It’s a stupid question but a radio station called ‘90.3 Amp Radio’ in Calgary Canada thought that’s exactly what their listeners wanted. Three weeks ago they switched to a new format called “QuickHitz”. They edited down every song they played to roughly half their original length. As […]

I was always suspicious of people who said they didn’t drink. I thought teetotallers must be hiding a dark secret. They must have been involved in a shameful or embarrassing incident with tragic consequences that were caused by them drinking too much. I also wondered why they had to stop all together. Why didn’t they just […]

I got a spam email today asking, “Are you frustrated with your curl definition?” Frustrated? I don’t think I’ve ever thought about my curl definition, in fact I’m not exactly sure what that is. It reminded me that women are very complicated and are constantly worrying about thousands of things simultaneously.  Blokes aren’t like that. […]

Radio is the theatre of the mind.  Richie Firth used to present travel reports on 2CRFM from the streets of Dorset and Hampshire dressed as a chicken. I can’t remember exactly how that all started but I know that when I presented the Breakfast Show there in 1998, “Richie The Travel Chicken” was very popular. […]

I wish we could just ban ‘journalese’. It’s the language newspapers are printed in.  It’s such a big problem that Robert Hutton, a political correspondent for Bloomberg News, wrote a book about it. It’s called, ‘Romps, Tots and Boffins – The Strange Language of News’. Of course if this was a newspaper article, I would […]

I wasted a lot of time in 1998, drinking. I was presenting the Breakfast Show at 2CRFM in Dorset and at least once a week, myself and the rest of the Breakfast Show team would go out for lunch at the Manhattan Bar in Bournemouth’s Stakis hotel. I say “lunch”, we usually got there when […]

Mouse Trap


As the victim told her harrowing story of abuse, it sounded like the interviewer had got bored and had started checking his email. I was listening to an interview on a national radio station today. While the guest was talking, I could clearly hear the familiar sound of a computer mouse clicking. I don’t know […]

I stood accused of murder. It was 5am, two police officers were waiting for me when I arrived at the radio station. This all happened in 1998, I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. It all started innocently enough when the owners of the radio station booked the former Radio […]

Meetings are not work, they are just talking about work. I once worked at a radio station where I did the breakfast show for four hours then went into a half hour meeting about the show. That was followed by a half hour meeting about the next day’s show, then there was the daily production […]

I don’t miss newspapers. Maybe I’m not that bothered by their demise because one of them set me up and then turned on me in 1998. I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show at 2CR FM on England’s South Coast. Not long after I got there, the local rag got in touch and asked […]

This week one of my childhood memories helped me to earn a bit of extra money. When I was a kid, we often went shopping on a Saturday afternoon in Warrington. My Mum or sometimes my Nana would take us on the bus. What I remember most is the markets. In the fish market there […]

RIP MIKE SMITH Last week, I heard the very sad news that former Radio 1 DJ Mike Smith had died aged 59. Mike Smith pointed the way to what became my radio journey even though I never met him or ever heard him present a radio show. When he was at the peak of his […]

Did you know that there is a dinosaur that isn’t extinct? There was a period of early palaeontology around a hundred and thirty years ago known as the ‘Bone Wars’. Othniel Charles Marsh was a professor of palaeontology at Yale. He made many dinosaur fossil discoveries, including the Apatosaurus. The Bone Wars was the name […]

When I touched him, he was cold, stiff and very dead. I didn’t know it at the time, but he wouldn’t be the last. In 1998 I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM in Bournemouth. Julie and I were living in a nice flat in Westbourne. On my way out to work […]

I’ve met a lot of interesting characters at live radio station events over the years. I think my favourite is the sound engineer who gets there early and removes the main fuse from the generator that’s connected to the hot food stall he most likes the look of. As the food place is setting up, […]

Sometimes you get to a fork in the road and have to decide which way to go. You make a decision and move on. Is it ever healthy to wonder what would have happened if you went the other way? In 1997, I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 2CRFM, the local commercial radio station […]